The CDC is undergoing strategic planning to identify opportunities for impact of public health action in human genomics and precision medicine in the next decade. Nine persons from varied backgrounds were interviewed through a semi-structured session focusing on health equity, public health, data modernization, emergency medicine and implementation of genomic medicine.
The interim findings have been reported in a structured manner.
Evidence assessment: Evaluation of evidence in a systematic manner by implementing genomic and precision health applications for disease prevention in the public health setting and building on methods and strategies in CDC’s evaluation.
Evidence needs: Identify critical gaps in evidence to drive additional applied research.
Evidence Development: Assess use of genomic applications and resulting interventions, outcomes and disparities.
The stakeholders encouraged public health leadership in addressing policy barriers to effective implementation and monitoring of genomic applications through:

A list of questions were discussed with the stakeholders. These questions were asked to interviewees and they were asked to consider how public health efforts at the federal, state and local levels could intersect with their work specifically as well as the field of human genomics in health practice generally.
Finally, stakeholders made several remarks to express their opinions, suggestions and ideas.

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