What are we?
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What are we?

International Institute of Innovation and Technology (I3TK), clinical research organization is based in New Town, Kolkata in the State of West Bengal, India. I3TK is one of the major drivers advocating and implementing innovative solutions for challenges to public health services. I3TK aims to identify the causes and solutions for both communicable and non-communicable diseases that are central to public health.

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Laying the foundation stone

Dr. Pradip K. Ghosh, Founder Chairman of Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh family Foundation started International Institute of Innovation and Technology in Kolkata, India, a 156,000 square feet State-of-the-Art building dedicated to conduct research and education center in public health related services. The I3T Kolkata Campus was inaugurated by Shri Bratya Basu, Minister-in-Charge, Information Technology and Electronics Department, Government of West Bengal on January 1, 2018, in the presence of distinguished scientists, academicians and industrialists. On January 6, 2020, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA joined I3TK as a collaborating partner by establishing Johns Hopkins University India Maternal and Child Health Center, International Vaccine Center and the Vaccine Research Center.

Mission and Vision of I3TK



To follow and implement the educational philosophies through integrating research, education and professional service in areas related to health sciences, technology and engineering with special emphasis on innovation and technology.


Our goal is to build an institution where Innovations and Inventions in the field of Biomedical Sciences will be translated to treat diseases related to public health. Our aim will be to attain an improved and sustainable quality of life applying advanced molecular diagnostic technology.

Goals :

  • Work together with social group, societies, establishments, academic institutions, professionals, and citizens
  • Firming the capacity of health professionals to improve the health of the public through consultation, skill development, and education
  • Advancing New frontiers in high-quality research to reinforce public health knowledge and interventions
  • Supporting the provision of public health and health services

Values :


In all our initiatives we strive for a high degree of excellence, measured by external metrics and standards whenever available.


Our obligation to our community goes beyond assuring academic success. We are in the process of designing our educational programs and programs to facilitate career success, whether it is starting a new career, improvement in a current career, or accomplishment of leadership positions.

Equity & Inclusiveness

In everything we do, we seek to promote health, equity and environmental justice among all individuals .

Dr. Pradip K. Ghosh


Dr. Pradip K. Ghosh hailed from a small town, Khardah, near Kolkata in West Bengal, and moved to the United States for his graduate studies in 1968. Dr. Ghosh received his doctorate with major focus in Economics and Engineering from State University of New York, a diploma in International Law from London and graduated in Leadership Studies from Harvard University. He taught at major Universities for twenty-two years. He worked with the private sector as the President of a Washington Think-Tank, and also as Consultant to several International Agencies. He served as Commissioner of the Howard County Human Rights Commission. He has more than twenty-two books and numerous Research Papers on International Trade and Development of Third World Countries to his name. Most of the books have been used by major Universities as textbooks. Dr. Ghosh was awarded the Outstanding Scholar in Third World Development Award by the Global Development Conference in collaboration with USAID. He is also the recipient of the First Prize in the Eisaku Sato Memorial Essay Contest; a worldwide event organized by the United Nations and the Japanese government. He has also received the first prize of $200,000 for his Innovative Research Project by the World Bank.

An eminent scholar, reputed educator, visionary entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Dr. Ghosh is the Chairman of World Congress of Religions. He has received many awards from various reputed academic, research and social organizations across globe. Dr. Ghosh has initiated, financed and developed the Washington Kali Temple on a 9-acre pristine land near Washington DC which has become an open platform serving all religious faiths.

Dr. Ghosh’s current vision is to mobilize more than 100 eminent scientists to find the cure for infectious diseases that plague India and other nations of the developing world. International Institute of Innovation & Technology Kolkata (I3TK) is committed towards that goal under his visionary leadership.