Parents often overlook simple signs of possible disabilities in young children.Some parental tips on how to identify such disabilities.

1.The child has delay in attaining his developmental milestone at age appropriate time period,like holding his head steady by 6 months,sitting without support by 1 year,standing without support,starting to walk and speaking in some discrete words by 1.5 years,speaking in short sentences by 2 years.

2.Has difficulty in making or maintaining eye contact with others ,prefers to remain aloof and engrossed in his own world;does not respond to his name being called.

3.Being difficulty in carrying out activities that are age appropriate,like reaching for nearby objects by 6 months,dringing for a glass or eating small pieces of food n own by a year,recognizing what to eat and what not by 1.5 years,engage in planning with others by 2 years,taking on pretend roles,having toilet control and eating food on own by 3 years.

4. Does repetitive body movements or acts ,like ,hand flapping ,spinnings,looking at rotating objects,lining up of things etc, has poor coordination ,balance and posture control,being over -or-under-responsive to sound,touch and smell.

5.has difficulty in comprehending and responding appropriately in social contexts.

6.has difficulty with attention,following instructions,in under-standing and remembering pre-academic concepts like numbers,letters,colors,shapes,categorizing and classifying objects and writing.

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