Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld, spoke to Vinita Bali, Chairman, CII National Committee on Nutrition, to know more about CII’s partnership with Danone in the light of Protein Week to help in the improvement of physical health and quality of life.
CII is associated with many brands in nutrition space. What convinced you to partner with Danone ?
Nutrition is one of the key priority areas for CII and this is our second year of engagement with Danone. Our endeavour in this initiative is to create and increase awareness on the role of Protein in the overall context of nutrition, by sharing information on the adequate consumption of protein and its vital role in achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

What is the role of CII under this initiative and what are you trying to achieve through this association?
The overarching role of the CII National Committee on Nutrition is to work with multiple stakeholders – all of whom have a role to play in advancing the awareness on Nutrition and increasing the availability accessibility and affordability of nutritious foods. These stakeholders range from food and ingredient companies, to regulatory bodies, development agencies, state governments, etc. Within this framework, CII partners with companies on nutrition and nutrition related initiatives, like enhancing the understanding of protein in nutrition and health, in this case. This also aligns with the “Eat Right” movement in spreading nutrition knowledge to different cohorts and amplifying the Eat Right messages through the Protein Week – by focusing on the role of protein in building immunity and fostering behaviour change, both at the individual and household level.

What are CII’s future plans in addressing the nutrition challenges?
CII National Committee on Nutrition in 2021-22 will continue to strengthen collaborative thought and action toward the goal of addressing malnutrition in all its forms and promote healthy- sustainable diets to ensure food and nutrition security through its ongoing multi-sectoral approach, engaging with the private sector, development agencies, NGOs, bilateral and multilateral agencies, local, state and central governments and regulatory agencies, through initiatives like “Impact4Nutrition”, that engaging non-food companies as well to focus on workplace wellness for employees and their families; awareness/capacity building sessions targeting all age groups; mini-dialogues with domain experts in line with the SDGs, to name a few.

Is CII as an industry body looking to take this issue forward with the Government?
CII works with the government in many ways – both at the Centre and States, both at the policy level and action on the ground. It submits ideas and discusses issues with the government/policy makers in various forums to help identify programs/intervention strategies that can make a positive impact on the health of people.

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