The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in our lives. While we are getting back to our normal lives, its absolutely important to follow COVID-19 protocols and get vaccinated to protect ourselves from the deadly virus.

Currently, the only protection against COVID-19 is a vaccine. There is good news for people who are scared to get injected. In future, the vaccine might come in the form of inhalers and even pills. Yes, you read that right.

Here is more about the COVID vaccine in the form of an inhaler.

In a laboratory in the Medicon Village, which is one of Southern Sweden’s largest science parks, chemist Ingemo Andreson invents a thin, plastic inhaler, just the size of the matchbox, which will immunise people against the COVID-19 virus.

As per her team, this inhaler can play a big role in fighting the global pandemic by allowing people to take a powdered version of the vaccine at home, in future. The inhaler is very cheap and easy to produce.

One can take it just by removing the little plastic slip, which activates the inhaler. You just put it in your mouth, take a deep breath and inhale.

The company named Iconovo is collaborating with an immunology research start-up on Stockholm, ISR, which has developed the dry powder vaccine against COVID-19.

The powder uses manufactured COVID-19 virus proteins and can withstand temperatures up to 40C.

The powder is a game-changer as you can distribute it very easily without the need of the healthcare provider. These also do not need to be stored at cold temperature in glass vials, unlike the vaccine shots.

The company right now is testing its vaccine on the Beta (South African) and Alpha (UK) variants of the COVID-19.

This can speed up the process of vaccine rollout in Africa where there are no home-grown vaccines and the warmer temperature has made it even more challenging, as it makes storing and delivering the vaccine difficult.

The dried vaccine still needs to go through various trials to know its full potential and to know whether it’s as effective as the list of vaccines provided by the WHO.

So far, it has only been tested on mice, although studies on humans are expected to start within two months.

If successful, the powdered vaccines can revolutionise the global response to the coronavirus pandemic. More people can be saved and immunised against the virus.

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