Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms. This discipline includes fundamental research on the clinical aspects of microorganisms, their virulence factors and in the host response to the pathogens.

Signaling pathways of pathogens and bacterial cross talks or quorum sensing will be focused on to elucidate the pathways and chemical mediators that aids to their pathogenesis.

Biofilms facilitates the attachment of pathogens to each other and to other surfaces. It consists of both the cells and extracellular matrices. Biofilms are particularly problematic in certain places like in medical implants so spatial hypoxic micro-environment during biofilm formation will be extensively studied in order to pave light in mitigating such adverse effects of infections.

The widespread use of antibiotics is estimated to have extended average life expectancy by two decades, shifting the paradigm from communicable to non-communicable diseases but at the same time, introduced the biggest challenge of antibiotic resistance to health sector. At I3TK, studies will be conducted to understand the key mechanisms by which resistance gets generated in pathogenic strains. Microbiologists will also conduct various studies to evaluate the antimicrobial and anti-viral properties of natural compounds.

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