Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation

Pradip K Ghosh moved to the United States for his graduate studies in 1968. His mission is to create forums where people can come together to help various social causes. The Ghosh family has been involved in numerous philanthropic activities for the past 30 years, His family has contributed more than forty crores of rupees for the operation of charitable hospital,maintaining more than 500 orphan children, destitute and handicapped women, funding libraries, schools and athletic facilities and many community development projects in West Bengal. The Ghosh family owns and operates twelve Montessori schools, one International Baccalaureate/STEM School, and two large 110 unit assisted living facility in Maryland, and several other commercial projects.

Dr. Ghosh received his doctorate with major focus in economics and engineering from State university of New York, a diploma in international law from London and graduated in Leadership studies from Harvard University. He taught at major universities for twenty two years. He worked in the private sector as President of a Washington think tank, and as consultant to several international agencies. He served as commissioner of the Howard County Human Rights Commission. He has published twenty-two books and numerous research papers on international trade and development of third world countries, His twenty international development resource books by Greenwood Praeger Publishers, most of them have been used by major universities as textbooks. Dr. Ghosh was awarded Outstanding Scholar in Third World Development by the Global Development Conference in collaboration with USAID, received First Prize in the Eisaku Sato Memorial Essay Contest, a worldwide event organized by the United Nations and the Japanese government and first prize of $200,000 for Innovative research project organized by the World Bank. He is the Chairman of World Congress of Religions.

He has received more than fifteen awards from various academic and research and social service organizations. Dr. Ghosh single handedly initiated, financed and developed the Washington Kali Temple. A true Indian temple serving all religious faiths of India.

His current social venture is funding an operation of the International Institute of Innovation and Technology in Kolkata, India, a 130,000 square feet building to conduct research and education in public health-related subjects. His goal is to movilize more than 100 scientists to find the cure for Malaria, Dengue, Hepatitis and other tropical diseases. The building was inaugurated on January 1, 2018 by the Minister in charge of Information Technology and Electronics honorable Bratya Basu.

Pradip and Kukum Ghosh Family Foundation set up in 1987 as a charitable organisation has made substantial contribution in the field of education and health, especially in the state of West Bengal.

Dr Ghosh grew up in Khardah, went to school at Rahara Mission and had shifted to the US in the 1960s but has not lost touch with his roots.

His connection with his school, with the teachings that his school imparted are so profound that he lives by them to this day.(An ardent follower of Swami Nityananda Maharaj, Dr Ghosh funded several projects undertaken by Maharaj.)

From funding hospitals such Dinabandhu Ghosh Charitable Hospital to building High schools at Dakshineswar Adyapeath and sponsoring primary education for orphan children at a Purulia Centre of Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission, the foundation has always believed in working with the public, reaching out even to the district and Panchayat level to offer service.

Dr. Ghosh’s foundation has simultaneously helped small scale medical clinics in rural Panchayat localities and suburbs.He helped fund the 2000 ft library at Adyapeath that was inaugurated by the President of India. The Foundation has also sponsored Blind and destitute girls at Adyapeath. Several Surgery Room at Charitable clinics across different parts of the state were also funded by the foundation.

International Institute of Innovation and Technology(I3TK) came into existence when Dr. Ghosh wanted to get all the Foundation’s community development services under one single roof. I3TK’s focus is on Public health, looking at the holistic picture and providing a range of services, from Diagnostics services to conducting research on Malaria Dengue.

I3TK Located at Newtown, India’s fastest growing satellite city beside the IT hub has the added advantage to cater to the urban mass and also to reach out to serve the rural population as panchayat areas start within 5 kms(Rajarhat Gopalpur,assembly constituency).

Dr. Ghosh had organised the World Congress of Religion where the former secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was present. His ideas about religion and spirituality have evolved from the ideology of Ramkrishna Mission and Ramakrishna-“To Serve mankind is to serve God.God is everywhere but he manifests in men the most”.


To follow and implement the educational philosophies through integrating research, education and professional service in areas related to health sciences, technology and engineering with special emphasis on innovation and technology. Our goal is to provide the profession and academia with outstanding graduates who will advance their practice and fundamental knowledge in related fields.


Our goal is to build an unique institution where Innovations and Inventions in Biomedical Sciences will be translated to treat several diseases related to Public Health. Betterment of societal living quality will be attained through Advanced Diagnostics Technology implied at molecular levels.