Dr. Nirmalya Dey

Research Scientist

“‘HIGH (blood) SUGAR’, a phrase we are quite familiar with, is obviously a matter of concern yet manageable. We need to increase the mass awareness for this disease in India where a huge population lies in the middle-low income category. That’s how the true improvement of public health can happen. We aim to utilize science for prevention of disease and promoting health through translational research. So, don’t be reluctant of the ‘prick’, a momentary pain may save you big-time, both physically and financially.”


Diabetes is defined as a disease with bunch of situations related to the absence/inactivity of insulin. It poses threat to society based on its type along with auxiliary factors like age, lifestyle, food habit (‘obesity’), heredity, ethnicity etc. In spite of some shocking global statistics available from various sources, almost 65% of diseased population is actually unaware of their condition; only to get diagnosed diabetic ‘accidentally’ during some preoperative investigations or other routine test. That makes diabetes a ‘Silent Killer’.
Dr. Dey’s work will focus on investigation of basic mechanisms behind the effects of hyperglycemia using cell culture model. With his post-doctoral research experience from the UTHSCSA, Texas on study of signal transduction pathways in diabetic renal injury, Dr Dey is positive that his work will contribute in identification of novel mediators and development of countermeasures against diabetes.