Dr Amlanjyoti  Dhar

Research Scientist

“ All of us  here at I3t have worked abroad  and we  came back to serve our homeland. Indigenous research opportunities here, we see, are immense.  Together we are confident ,we will find answers for  diseases and syndrome  affecting Public Health. We plan to resource  indigenous solutions and cure instead  of entirely depending on researches done in US or other countries.”


Dr  Dhar , has research Experience  in the field of Bio- Chemical  Sciences for about 18 years. An alumni of the prestigious  Bose Institute  and Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, he worked extensively  on developing drugs  against Melanoma.
He joined as a Research  Fellow probing into Gene Regulation for the National Cancer Institute, at Bethesda, MD, USA for a period of 8 years.
At I3t his research interest would  Focus on Vaccine Development for Several Diseases that posed major threats to Public Health in the recent years.  This encompasses application of Bacteriophage  in biotechnology, Modeling of human diseases with the help of genomics and proteomics and to apply the techniques to study host-pathogen interaction at molecular level.