Kolkata: More than 500 people of the six villages namely lebutala, Munsihari, Bhawanipur, Amradengi, Gopalpur, Notunpara in Haroa District of West Bengal, 45 kilometers from Kolkata had a chance to interact with Researchers and Volunteers of International Institute of Innovation and Technology ( I3T Kolkata). Volunteers arrived with good quality ration and food, winter clothing/blankets for them. With the support of the villagers, things are distributed to all the needy people in a much organised manner. The best part  is that this outreach support will continue .This is not a one-time affair for the villagers. Under the aegis of Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation, I3TK will extend all the support to improve the various aspects of their lives ((food, health care, education, skill development etc) in upcoming months through different social initiatives.

This initiative of PKG Family Foundation gains much importance amid pandemic situations across the nation. Many villagers are facing hard times to run their families. I3TK researchers are also trying to understand the major issues being faced by the villagers and accordingly an outreach welfare project will be initiated for the development of the villagers in a “model village” concept via the I3TK outreach initiative called “SHANTI”. Currently cataract, malnutrition, poor growth of children in the area and physical deformities. Foundation is also studying the women empowerment aspect of these villages and planning to initiate skill development projects in the area.

Villagers que to receive the food grain and winter clothing being provided by I3TK volunteers.

To improve public health in India by integrating research, education and health-related services that deliver innovative solutions to real problems impacting the society, International Institute of Innovation and Technology (I3T) under the patronage of the Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation has taken new initiatives this December through various outreach programs for the development of the weaker sections of the society in the post Covid scenario. International Institute of Innovation and Technology (I3T) has collaborated with The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH), USA for its various Research and Public Health initiatives. The institute aims to provide educational and research programs in the public health domain for the first time in Eastern India.

Dr. Pradip Ghosh (in centre) with JHSPH dignitaries at Kolkata.

In it’s recent outreach initiative, the institute has planned to focus on the overall development of the people residing in more than 10 villages across different districts of West Bengal. In the first phase of its social outreach initiative, the institute has started distributing ration and winter clothing (blankets, etc) of good quality to the weaker sections of the society.

Internationally popular visionary educationist Dr. Pradip Ghosh, is Founder Chairman of International Institute of Innovation and Technology (I3T). He firmly believes that this outreach program should be a continuous process . Each and every aspect of issues concerning villagers needs attention and focus should be on empowering them through different initiatives.

Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation has already donated five million dollars (approx. INR 40 crs) to Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Main aim to change lives of millions in West Bengal and India. The Foundation’s contribution to Johns Hopkins is a huge step for the establishment of Johns Hopkins University India Maternal and Child Health Research Center and the Vaccine Research Center in West Bengal – the first of it’s kind in India. This alliance is going to improve the basic health care facilities and research aspects of public health care on a large scale.

The Foundation has committment for the regular assistance and support to the weaker sections of the society in the districts of West Bengal. In the month of December, Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation has engaged Gram Panchayats and senior people of the villages like Dhamakhali, Pukurhati, Haroa, Khardah, Ghaskhali and few more villages of North & South 24 Parganas to distribute monthly ration of good nutritional quality. In Haora, six villages have been covered.

Dr. Pradip K. Ghosh
Dr. Pradip Ghosh has taken unique initiatives for the development of the various villages through his social outreach programs.

Dr. Pradip K. Ghosh

“This alliance is just the beginning of a long journey that might actually change the public healthcare scenario of the state completely”, says Dr. Pradip Ghosh.

Dr. Ghosh from Khardah, West Bengal,has always felt the urge to extend a hand to support the socio-healthcare face of the state. He aims at mobilizing more than 100 research scientists in finding cure and vaccinations for Malaria, Dengue, Hepatitis, and other tropical diseases. His vision even includes public healthcare services in research fields related to Diabetes, Cancer, Stem Cell Therapies, and others. Dr. Ghosh is an educator, a philanthropist, Founder of Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation. Dr. Ghosh is also the Founder & Chairman of Washington Kali Temple. It is a true Indian Temple representing every religion of India, built on nine acres of pristine ashram like setting. His endeavor is certainly going to change millions of lives In India. (Image Source-KSHVID)

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