The key to impact public health is through awareness, study, analysis and assessment. I3T is persistently working to reach its goal of decent public health.


  • Work together with social group, societies, establishments, academic institutions, professionals, and citizens
  • Firming the capacity of health professionals to improve the health of the public through consultation, skill development, and education
  • Advancing New frontiers in high-quality research to reinforce public health knowledge and interventions
  • Supporting the provision of public health and health services


Excellence: In all our initiatives we strive for a high degree of excellence, measured by external metrics and standards whenever available.

Support: Our obligation to our community goes beyond assuring academic success. We are in the process of designing our educational programs and programs to facilitate career success, whether it is starting a new career, improvement in a current career, or accomplishment of leadership positions.

Equity and inclusiveness: In everything we do we seek to promote health equity among, and environmental justice for, all individuals and inhabitants.