Passion for 3rd world developing countries from all different aspects

In 1983-84, I published 20 volumes of International Resource Books, some of them having special focus on Health Objectives for Development, which is one of my driving passions

In 1987, I started my philanthropic career by building an orphanage in West Bengal.

From 1987-2017, I have been involved in various philanthropic interests encompassing construction of orphanages, construction of shelter facilities and training centers for women and destitute mothers and children and many other hospital and other facilities for development of health and education of people of West Bengal and in other places.

In 2001, my family built the Washington Kali Temple & Center for Human Development- as a platform to get into local and other charities in Washington, in West Bengal and also in other countries.

In 2017, I met Prof. Nirmal Kumar Ganguly, where my thoughts crystallised to focus in areas of Public Health & Technology, wherein, I started construction of the infrastructure for a state-of-the-art institution dedicated for public health research.

A steering committee was formed to develop the first Public Health academic and research University in India under the leadership of Dr. Dilip Bose, former Vice Chancellors of Tripura University and Burdwan University.

On January 1, 2018, I inaugurated International Institute of Innovation and Technology (I3T) in presence of and in association with honourable dignitaries and reputed scientists, stalwarts in their specific fields- different domains of focus on Public Health Research commenced with our group of scientists.

In July, 2019, I invited Prof. Ganguly to join me in exploring partnership for various international collaborations.

We visited Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and I was glad to meet Dr. William Moss, Dr. David Peters, Dean Ellen MacKenzie, Prof. Mathuram Santosham and their Graduate Programme Administrative team. We met Provost Sunil Kumar and we all discussed collaborative relations with JHSPH to develop I3T and its academic & research programs. Prof. Mathuram Santosham was instrumental in arranging all the meetings and ensuing all the programs in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.

On Dec 31, 2019, I agreed on a proposed MOU with Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and made the first instalment of this special purpose gift to JHU towards the development of the academic and research programmes at I3T.

From January, 2020 onwards, we commenced with all necessary regulatory compliances pertaining to the operations of our research Institute I3T.