This pandemic has created havoc across the nation, which is indeed posing a lot of challenges to mankind. There are continuous feelings of stress, uncertainty, fear, and anxiety around us and our loved one’s existence, that are impacting our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. These difficulties lead to psychological, behavioral, social, and emotional difficulties overtly represented in the form of anger, frustration, and major psychological issues like anxiety, fear, insomnia, and depression. Moreover, the concept of sanitization has increased over time leading to obsessive thoughts about cleaning which is hampering daily activities.Also Read – Tips to Maintain Sexual Wellness And Hygiene Amidst The Pandemic

Humans are social animals and continuously crave human touch. However, this pandemic has led each one of us in a crisis where we miss out on tender touch from our loved ones. We are unable to meet our friends, go out with our families, or meet our colleagues. This is further deteriorating Mental Health issues. Also Read – Want To Have Six-Pack Abs? Try These At-Home Abs Workouts Demonstrated by Fitness Expert Dolan Acharya

Kashika, Counselling Psychologist, Kaleidoscope-a unit of Dr Bakshi’s Healthcare shares tips to take care of your mental and signs and symptoms to watch out for. Also Read – Maharashtra Lockdown: Fully Vaccinated People Should Now be Allowed to go Out, Suggests Ajit Pawar  

Signs to Watch Out For:

As these signs can pose a huge challenge to any person, therefore it’s important that you keep the following point in mind for better mental health:

It is important that you keep yourself mentally and physically healthy in these times, as both these aspects of your health are important for you. This crisis condition can be harmful to you in many ways, so aim for a settled mind every day. This is the prime duty you can do for yourself and the people around you. Just remember whenever the problem arises the solution arises hand in hand, we just need a settled mind to look for it.

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