‘Health is wealth’ was merely a saying until the pandemic’s outburst last year made us realize the true meaning of this statement. The global pandemic crisis disrupted our lives and got us one step closer to understanding that having good health and strengthened immunity levels are the essentials to survive during such times when our health is at risk. Thanks to the coronavirus, we have now become extraordinarily conscious and cautious about staying healthy.

It is indeed an undeniable fact that a fit body paves the way for building mental strength. Ever since COVID-19 entered our lives, we have been locked in and practicing social distancing norms. Our so-called Zumba and gym sessions have come to a halt since stepping out is too risky and makes us prone to catching the virus. Additionally, work from home has eventually triggered the concept of fitness from home.

With the technological adoption in the fitness industry, the live studio workout sessions, learning yoga or dancing at home under the assistance of experts and trainers, and connected fitness technological solutions have made exercising effortless, fun, and engaging.

How Fit Body Promotes Fit Mind

‘A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. During such distressing times, having physical strength is extremely important as it further helps build our immunity levels and develops our mental strength.

Considering that stepping out is risky, exercising at home becomes all the more essential. The reasons for at-home fitness are many ranging from the trend of helping in staying fit to maintaining our body weight to de-stressing while working out right at the comfort zone of your homes!

The primary benefit to the state is that sweating it out makes you feel good about your body and is indeed therapeutic. Working out releases happy hormones called endorphins that help deal with stress and reduce negative emotions of pain and distress.

Furthermore, involving yourself in physical activity of your choice distracts you from the surrounding negativity and helps decrease stress hormones, thereby releasing positive vibes around you and inside you. It makes you feel happy, peaceful, and comforted and rejuvenates you to fight the challenges that life throws at you.

Additionally, being at home and hooked onto the screen while working from home has made us lead a sedentary lifestyle that hampers our personality development. Grooving to some peppy numbers, running on the treadmill, or even cycling on the spin bike can help reduce that waistline, maintain our fitness, and build our confidence. This further motivates us to continue making efforts to achieve good health, have a healthy body, mental stability and peace, and positivity.

Summing Up!

It is indeed high time that fitness at home should become the new normal for our health and well-being. Workout regime at home can be enjoyable, effortless, and engaging with the right equipment, setup, and technical assistance in place.

In the present digitally advanced times, fitness at home is right at our fingertips with the emerging trend of connected fitness, making our exercise regime immersive, engaging, and enjoyable with state-of-the-art fitness equipment coupled with premium content of live studio sessions and fitness gaming.

Having fitness goals and making efforts to achieve them is soon becoming the need of the hour as exercising is one of the most effective, accessible, easy, and cost-efficient ways to help us sail through these challenging times of the global pandemic crisis.

(The author is Founder & CEO, OneFitPlus. The article is for informational purposes only. Please consult experts and medical professionals before starting any therapy or medication. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the Financial Express Online.)

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