Maintain flexibility with Wearable Patch Sensors

With a rise in world population and a growth of health problems among people, cost-effective and portable solutions are now necessary for the field of healthcare. Wearable Patch Sensor is one such invention, revolutionizing the industry today.

Wearable Sensors-A Never-Ending Growth

The technology has quite progressed since those wearable bands tracked the number of steps as well as heart rate and got synced to an app on your smartphone. These sensors have progressed towards being comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. They are now integrated with Bluetooth and can also measure the overall health, from Blood pressure to heart rate, and provide a score of your overall health on the app. These apps can now be connected to your family physicians so that they can even monitor your health. Figure 1 shows the patch sensor is attached to the lower limb that collects the various parameters from the muscles.

Figure 1

Growth in Healthcare- Keeping You Safe

From wearable ECG monitors to overall health monitoring watches, technology has exponentially grown over the past few years. These bands have not only progressed but have had a huge technological breakthrough. Monitoring heart health to the number of steps, or connecting with your physician and getting a health score, everything is possible in this digitalized world. Maintain your flexibility & monitor your health today! Figure 2 shows the patch is connected on the hand to collect glucose parameters with sweat analysis.

A close-up of a person's wrist

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Figure 2

The technical advancement in the field of patch sensors is increasing at a high pace, a single device to collect all the parameters and to monitor the same can be the next scope of the patch sensor.

Research Scope for these sensors

These sensors hold a great research potential as these sensors can be made much more compact and can handle much better stats of a person with certain ailments which needs live tracking, in case of emergent or serious conditions, so that help can be provided at the earliest. If we take a person with type 2 diabetes for example, then these people with really low glucose levels have a higher chance of death or coming across emergent situations, this thereby, makes it necessary for the sensor to be available in order to detect the low detection limits and immediately some action for the same can be taken, paving way for technology driven approaches to save lives at emergency conditions. Connecting with doctors needs to be made, for efficiency as well as for proper mapping of the health parameters under sensory radar, hence the family physician must also be in a loop with the medical  and the tracking digitised records should be accessible to the doctor for better treatment protocol as well as for need based intervention. A score-based system can also be introduced to rate a person’s overall health, assigning a life score for the same. Alarm based system will help people in grave danger, and this with several scopes to incorporate- these technologies can create a platform to achieve a full-proof system- a technology driven mobile health system which can be made more efficient with much more exploratory data collection and integration in near future.

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