International Institute of Innovation and Technology, Kolkata

Collaborates successful research on alternative anti-diabetic drug from flower extracts.

Diabetes also commonly known as ‘The Silent Killer’ is engulfing the human race at a pace, which is getting difficult for the doctors and researchers to tame. A recent study indicates that as of 2019 approximately 463 million adults across the globe are diabetic with a whopping 41 million in India alone. What is more alarming is that 79 per cent of these patients are from low and middle income countries.

But with the researchers working day in and day out, there’s hope for more medical resources than just administration of Metaformine.

The team of six scientists in a span of about 18 months have been able to conclude that the flower extract has an efficient anti-diabetic activity of the biosynthesized silver nanoparticles of the flower extract implying that this nano preparation can be exploited as an alternative biopharmaceutical agent for treating Diabetes Mellitus (Type II). Just to add that this Cassia Auriculata flower plantation are found in abundance in the South Asian countries, which makes it all the more, a viable propositions, if taken ahead.

While all those suffering from the disease can see an alternative drug from natural extract, let us all give a big SHOUT OUT for the great effort put up by Dr. Siddikuzzaman and his team.


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