1st in India: Transplanted liver reused, saves life

Transplanted liver reused, saves life | page 23 New Delhi: In a first-of-its-kind operation in India, doctors at a private hospital in the city reused a liver, transplanted onto a patient who was declared brain dead days after the operation, to save another man’s life, reports Durgesh

Statistics and Public Health at CDC

Have you ever wondered how an association between exposure and disease is evaluated? For example, how does the severity of salmonellosis depend on ingested dose of egg products (1)? Or how is the relation between blood lead levels and gasoline lead levels determined (2)? Each of these studies involves statistical analysis.

The Importance of Statistics in Public Health Sector Analysis

Accurate, comprehensive, high-quality data and statistics are not only central elements of evidence-based public health policy. By raising health awareness among the general public, they can also help achieve better social and health outcomes and reduce health inequalities.

Alzheimer’s and Covid share genetic risk factor

A team from the University College London (UCL) estimated that one genetic variant of the OAS1 gene increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by about 3-6 per cent in the population as a whole, while related variants on the same gene increase the likelihood of severe Covid-19 outcomes.

Neuroscientists unveil detailed atlas of brain cells

When you clicked to read this story, a band of cells across the top of your brain sent signals down your spine and out to your hand to tell the muscles in your index finger to press down with just the right amount of pressure to activate your mouse or track pad.