I3T-Mental Health Center (I3T-MHC) revolves around educating people regarding the importance of mental health concerns and the far reaching impacts it has on an individual’s physical, social and emotional life.
Mental health outreach is still in its nascent stage in India. People are still not comfortable to face or address mental health issues, letting the consequences be far graver. The increased suicide levels or the spike in the depression led activities are a clear indication that Mental Health needs the attention of the hour!

Thus, I3T-MHC is determined to address and intervene in these grounds to create certain shifts in the locus of Mental Health concepts in people’s mind. The drive is to:


to make necessary academic and social policy changes and thereby to create an impact or changes as we envision it.

A society where taboos and stigmas have surrounded us; breaking those boundaries; educating people regarding the necessity to #SPEAKUP and also to de-stigmatise the age old concepts is a huge challenge! I3T – MHC takes up this challenge to change the paradigms of Mental Health.

A Mental Health sufferer faces many barriers such as stigma and discrimination:

❖ Families are unwilling to accept their mental health illness.
❖ Even after recognition of the illness families are afraid to seek professional help because they are afraid of society’s perception.
❖ Lack of mental health services or consultation.
❖ Unaffordable cost of mental health care and treatment.