International Institute of

Innovation & Technology

Our goal is to build an institution where Innovations and Inventions in the field of Biomedical Sciences will be translated to treat diseases related to public health. Our aim will be to attain an improved and sustainable quality of life applying advanced molecular diagnostic technology.


International Institute of

Innovation & Technology

To improve public health in India by integrating research, education and health-related services that deliver innovative solutions to real problems impacting the society by creating and exploring the frontiers of research and education platforms.


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Advancing New Frontiers of Research and Education Center

International Institute of Innovation and Technology (I3TK), public healthcare institutions is based in New Town, Kolkata in the State of West Bengal, India. I3TK is one of the major drivers advocating and implementing innovative solutions for challenges to public health. I3TK in partnership alliance with Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, aims to identify the causes and solutions for both communicable and non-communicable diseases that are central to public health.

We are
specialized in


Genomics is defined as the branch of molecular biology that deals with the structure, function, evolution, and mapping of genomes. Genomics uses DNA sequencing methods, and bioinformatics to sequence, assemble, and analyze the structure and function of genomes. Specialists in genomics strive to determine complete DNA sequences and perform genetic mapping to help understand disease. Genomics also involves the study of intragenic processes such as epistasis, heterosis, and pleiotropy as well as the interactions between loci and alleles within the genome.

proteomics & analytical biology

Detailed understanding of molecular biology in present day vastly relies on Bioinformatics which includes genomics and proteomics, has contributed to advances in biology by providing tools that handle datasets too large or complex for manual analysis. Examples of some of these tools include assembling of the DNA sequence of entire genomes, gene finding algorithms, microarray expression analysis, molecular system modelling and biomarker discovery from mass spectrum.




The International Institute of Innovation and Technology (I3T), being a public health Institution want to focus on improvement of the overall public health of our society in partnership with the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health which is a leading Institute of Public Health. Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary science comprises the cellular and molecular biology, physiology and pharmacology of the nervous system, as well as behavioral and cognitive neuroscience.

Services / Utility Platform

I3T- as a International Institute of Public Health and research/instrumentation usage and service platform

I3T is a health research institute which conducts non-clinical health and environmental safety studies in the field of toxicology, analytical chemistry, dug developmental studies and other translational domains and also is a public health services platform where other industries/ organisations / institutes can access the facility for their work at a particular service cost fixed for each instrumentation for academic/ commercial organisations. We have a group of experienced and knowledgeable scientists who are committed to provide the highest quality services and accurate results in time. The data accuracy and reliability help customers to make adequate decisions and meet their increasingly stringent quality and safety standards and the expanding demands of regulatory authorities around the world.


Roadmap To I3TK

PKGFF Outreach :

Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation is a registered Trust in India aimed at bettering lives/ public health of the community at large. They dedicatedly participate in the social outreach activities for upliftment of the weaker and marginalised sections of the society in West Bengal as well as in pan- India scale. Alongside Outreach and Awareness Creation for the general mass, Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation also believes in advocacy strategies- both policy-wise and in academic spectrum; that is why the foundation is in close association and working parallelly with the government and other national agencies for different outreach segments- Public Health Development and Accessibility (in urban, peri-urban and rural areas), women empowerment through sustainable provisions and upliftment of general welfare of the public, even in the remotest areas and tribal segments. Being collaborators of national and international organisations of repute already, we understand that concerted efforts can increase its impact manifold.

We are open for collaborative approaches and work fronts with the government agencies, NGOs and corporates for joint initiatives so that together we can translate the vision of creating a change in the health and lifestyle of people into reality.

Instrument & Infrastructure

I3TK is one of the few such facilities in the country, that houses advanced Instruments and Infrastructure to carry out research in various areas of Science and Technology such as Biological, Chemical, Materials Science, Food and also Computational and Interdisciplinary Areas.